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Another Benefit that Makes PfabeLaw Unique
and a Powerful Partner for your Business

One feature of the Law Offices of H.W. Pfabe that is unique among area law firms is Attorney Pfabe's engineering background.

Hugh was an engineer for 15 years before entering the legal field. His professional background spans Medical Products such as Implants and Surgical Instrumentation, Laboratory Equipment, Drug Delivery Systems, Mechanical Design, Electromechanical Systems, Robotics, Materials and Biomaterials, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, integration of Mechanical, Electrical, Optical, Hardware, and Software Systems, Design for Manufacture, and CAD.*

As an engineer, Hugh has been a Drafter, Designer, Project Manager, and Director of R&D (Research & Development), Process Development, and Manufacturing. His experience ranges from three person Start-Ups, where every penny mattered, to large corporations with tens of thousands of employees.

What does this mean for you?

This means that, in addition to representing all of your Intellectual Property needs, Hugh can also offer unique perspectives for your product design, development, and manufacturing.

Additionally, we offer ENGINEERING, DESIGN, and DRAFTING SERVICES to any clients who would like them.

Some inventors want Patent or other IP protection for their business, but do not have a complete design, or need help in designing around their competitors.

You are always free to go elsewhere for your design work, but if you prefer one-stop Design and IP Protection, we can help you in more ways that you might expect.

Ask us about our ENGINEERING SERVICES (always bound by confidentiality), and let us help make your INVENTION A REALITY.

* All of the Patent Drawings featured alternating at the top of every page of this site are Hugh's Inventions, Designs, and Drawings.

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