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Education about Intellectual Property

We believe that INFORMED clients make the BEST clients!

At the Law Offices of H.W. Pfabé, we strive to be your PARTNER in all of your Intellectual Property and Business needs. That means that you know that any suggestions we make, and any work we do, are not based on billing the client, but are based on your best interests, always.

That also means that, as your partner, we want to help you to make informed decisions at all times. It's great when you trust us and take our word for what is best, but we also want you to understand what we are suggesting, and why.

When Attorney Pfabé meets with you, the first step is helping you understand your options for protecting and growing your ideas and business.

To help you understand Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Trade Secrets, Trade Dress, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Work-For-Hire, and other areas of Intellectual Property, please feel free to read through some of Hugh's selected blog posts below: