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About Us

At the Law Offices of H.W. Pfabé, we focus on Intellectual Property.

This means Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Trade Dress, Trade Secrets, Unfair Business Practices, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and all of the many ways of protecting your business, name, and ideas, as well as helping your business grow.

So what makes us different?

Unlike some law firms, our work is not just focused on a single task. We help you figure out your long term business and intellectual property needs, and then help you achieve your goals in both the short term and the long.

We strive to always keep in mind what is in your best interest, and go the extra mile to deliver, now and for the future.

Additionally, unlike with some other firms, you're not just getting some lawyers who tell you how to run your business, in theory, never knowing what it's really like.

Here, you get an attorney who has developed products, and who has actually built businesses. He knows what your needs are, because he's been where you are.

Attorney Hubert "Hugh" Pfabé

At the Law Offices of H.W. Pfabé, you don't just get a Patent Attorney & Intellectual Property Counsel. You also get a highly experienced former Engineer, Manager, and Executive who has launched dozens of products and knows what it's like to be in both a start-up environment as well as an established corporation.

He knows what it's like to take an idea, and make it profitable. He also knows what it's like to protect your ideas from being stolen, and ensure the growth of your business.

Hugh has both general engineering and biomedical engineering degrees from Dartmouth College. He also studied mechanical engineering, electromechanical systems, and robotics at Tufts University.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Hugh worked for fifteen years as an Engineer, Manager of Research and Development, and Director of R&D Projects, Process Development, and Machining and small batch Manufacturing. His engineering experiences spans Mechanical Engineering, Design for Manufacture, Materials, Biomaterials, Electromechanical Systems, Metals, Composites, Plastics, Medical Devices, the Automotive Industry, Consumer Products, Tools, and everything in between.

In addition to his law degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law, Attorney Pfabé received a Certificate in Intellectual Property and multiple awards for excellence, including for Intellectual Property and for Patent Procedures & Prosecution. 

His specialty is Patent Law, including filing and prosecuting Patents, developing, building, and monitoring Patent Portfolios, and drafting legal opinions to help your business move forward, understanding your rights and those of your competitors. Attorney Pfabé also focuses on Intellectual Property Strategy, so you know when and where to file for a Patent, a Trademark, Copyright Protection, defend your Trade Dress, and properly protect and enforce Trade Secrets.

Unlike many lawyers, Attorney Pfabé not only has the legal experience, but he also has many years of being the client, on YOUR side.

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